The Singing Handyman
Fixing the world, one song at a time!

He sings songs in 5 languages and can fix just about anything!
The Singing Handyman, aka Don Bright, is a singing and fixing machine with a lifetime of experience. Once known as the Singing UPS Man, 
Don now dedicates his time to fixing the world and ensuring it is a very musical place.

Wasn't much of a handyman, but he was pretty smart too. Great minds think alike!
Cutting Boards
This is a stock photo and isn't actually a picture of Don, but it looks pretty close and Don is very good at cutting boards. He has cut thousands of them after all!
This Picture is a Little Strange
But that's OK because it's from a play. Don has also performed in many musicals - because of all the singing!
Don and Some Happy Customers
Nice work!
Don works out of the North SLC/Bountiful area.

If you live near there, give him a call. If not, you can still call, but he might not answer. :)

Things Don can Fix
Hot things, wet things and even dry things

Walls, pipes, cords, lights

Everything else (except your mental health)

Don is a part-time handyman so please don't call him if you need a new garage. Go get ripped off by a contractor like a normal person!